Make your mental health a priority.

Mental Health is easy to say but pretty difficult to understand. But first, let’s see what it is… Mental health includes emotional, psychological, and social well-being. It affects how we think, feel, and act.
Now you see there is a fine line between depression and mental stress. Many seem to misunderstand normal stress as depression. To be honest, depression is the worst! It will impact you not only mentally but physically too.
Stress is something which is common and can be because of several reasons but on the brighter side stress is somewhat good for us, like someone thinking about career goals and is all stressed out and start worrying about what to do next and how to go for it. Since it is pretty important to think deeply about some issues so this will consider as healthy stress.

You must have heard about the famous novel “The subtle art of not giving a f*ck” where there is a topic ‘The disappointment panda’. In this, there is a panda that will go around and meet different people and tell them the harsh truth of life, what is the reality and how they are worst than the rest out here. Now, what I like about this disappointed panda is he let people know the truth. Some are gonna whine about it and some will tend to overcome it and thereby solve the problem. Once they solve it, they will be all happy and full of confidence.

This would not happen if there were no problems to start with so, ya know life is all about solving riddles, accepting the harsh truth, making your way through it, and moving forward. There are things that everyone worries about, to some extent, but gradually overcome with it.
Some can not and go deeper into mental stress which thereby leads to depression. Depression is when everything seems too hard. It does not mean there is no comeback since there are many who successfully did it. They can go for meditation, mentor, advisor, medicines, music, hobby, sleeping, exercise, etc.


I guess by now y’all must have understood all about mental health how you can change stress into something wonderful, it’s like playing with your thoughts in the right way. I feel like it solely depends on one’s willpower the stronger it is, the harder you push yourself and can change your destine at any point of your life.

Tough times will pass sooner than you think.


Yes. I’m a minimalist.

No, I’m not getting rid of that.

You can live with less and keep those luxuries. So many of us would have heard about minimalism.

I think there are so many minimalist blogs out there already. And some of you might have been following it, which is really great, because why not.

Whether you’re a working student, or home-maker, I believe that minimalism looks different for different people and family. It does not look the same for each person out there.

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Minimalism is quality over quantity. A lot of people have misconceptions about MINIMALISM.

There are so many who thinks that it means living with a minimum. So minimalism is not about having less, minimalism is about having less of the things which are not required and eliminating it so that you can focus more on what you do want in life.

Personally, I got started with pursuing minimalism as a lifestyle during the lockdown. I used to be a hoarder back then. Not quite as bad as the people you’d see on TV, movies. I refused to throw things out that could potentially be used again. It was a mess.

In fact, a few days after the lockdown, I was going through a documentary on Minimalism and later realized that I’m holding on to many things that are not really needed. There was stuff like old clothes, books, half-full notebooks. I had no idea what I was going to do with so much stuff. You know modest living is not always so simple. Yes, there are numerous benefits to this lifestyle like less stress, leisure time, and satisfaction. There is definitely no way I would go back to my former lifestyle where I created chaos by owning too much stuff. 

I’ve used a few different ways to get rid of a lot of clutter: 

  1. Determine if you’ve used it in the past year.

Anything which you haven’t used in the last one year, you need to dump it. Get rid of the things which are not needed and make space for things which you really need. Also, having too many unnecessary things creates chaos and, negative working and living environment. 

Advice: Try to put things which you really need otherwise get rid of it.

  1. Ask yourself why you’re keeping it.

Chances are, a lot of your belongings are things you plan on using. They took extra space. I had a huge collection of stationery. I never ended up using them, though. I rather gave them to the needy than just throwing them.

Common misconceptions about minimalism it seems that there are a lot of misunderstandings about what minimalism is. It states minimalists have less stuff, they are not rich, they can’t afford and what not. None of them are really true. The most amazing thing about minimalism is that there is no right or wrong answer to what it means to you or them. 

A Minimal Approach – Fashion 

A minimal approach to fashion is more about the outlook and mindset for stuff than it is about the color palette or the specific number of items you chose for your closet. However, having a minimal approach to fashion means that you aim for a wardrobe that fits your lifestyle, and is filled with high-end quality pieces you absolutely love that will, hopefully, last for years. 

Did you know that the average person only wears 20% of their wardrobe on a regular basis? 

Declutter Your Closet for good 

Taming a closet full of clutter can be an overwhelming thing. You could admire it later!

Our minds, however, are exaggerating just a bit. Decluttering a closet doesn’t have to be so intimidating or arduous a process. Choose any method to declutter your closet which is less overwhelming to you. You can always do it your way.

Do you want to have that amazing feeling of looking in your closet and only seeing things you love, but how on earth do you get there? Chances are, looking at your messy closet you would find yourself a bit overwhelmed, but decluttering it and getting rid of all those items you can’t stand is the first step to that dream wardrobe.

Our closet holds a lot of sentiments. Make things visible. Only keep those items you really like to wear. Try to keep occasional wear in a different part of a closet. There are various occasions and for every occasion we want to have different types of clothes like in festival times we put on ethnic while for work and meeting we would have formals.

You can also put labels on storage containers. Use closet accessories like non-slippery hangers and boxes for your stuff. Throw the trash away, or recycle it.

Do take care of your shoes and try to put on shoes in different storage boxes or in different closets.

The decluttering process

We started by creating four piles labelled with sell, maybe, customise and toss. Clothes were then sorted into these piles according to these rules.

Toss: Anything that is:

  • Ripped
  • Stained
  • Super dirty
  • Too worn to give away into a big bin liner.

Sell: Put everything that you don’t want to keep that’s still in a good condition or of value in a box.

  • Does it fit?
  • Have you worn it in the last year? Because if you haven’t, you’ll probably never wear it again. (Excluding occasion-wear).
  • Does it have a history or special meaning? You should keep it! Find a place outside of your wardrobe to store it, where it won’t get dusty.
  • Does it make you feel good?
  • Does it go with other things in your wardrobe?
  • Is it in good condition? If not, can it easily be fixed? Will you actually get fixed?
  • Is it annoying or uncomfortable to wear?

You will end up finding a lot to chuck – some of which is in a good enough condition to take to the charity shop – and a decent pile that I could sell, too.

Overall minimalists live a lifestyle that embraces simple and slower living, it allows you to be more creative and gives you more freedom.

We can say, minimalism is a powerful tool that only requires a few simple changes in your life. It doesn’t need to be overwhelming. Take the parts that suit you and apply to them and, ignore the rest. People can have control over their body, soul, and, a mind so what’s better than that.

Are you ready? Let’s rationalize and start living an unoccupied, and more phenomenal life today.

Currently, I’m working as an intern with India’s top digital marketer- DigitalDeepak

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